Your child’s access to world class education, at a completely unbeatable cost.

Now we know you can’t put a reasonable price on the value of education, but here at Dream, anything is possible! Even for you, our dear parents.

Elementary School Student


per month

OR $80 Per Week

Middle School Student


per month

OR $85 Per Week

High School Student


per month

OR $90 Per Week

Here’s our tuition schedule for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Application Fee: 

$175 Enrollment Fee

$125 Early Bird Special (Paid By July 15th)

Tuition Payments:

Due at the first of the month, every month

Student Withdrawal:

The school’s staffing, budget, and tuition is determined based upon student enrollment for the entire year. Therefore, if a student is withdrawn from the school during the school year, the remaining month’s tuition plus an additional month’s tuition will apply as an early withdrawal fee. No school records, including report cards, transcripts, teacher recommendations, or diplomas will be released to the family or to another school until the student’s financial account is paid in full. 

Matriculation Fee:

$125/per Quarter (These fees are completely non-refundable). The Matriculation Fee includes student textbooks, technology fees, field trips, media licensing, and a school yearbook. Matriculation fees must be submitted before August 30th to secure the student’s acceptance into the school and remain on the school’s roster.

After School Program:

Available for students immediately after school until 6:30pm – ($55 per week for non-Dream Scholars or $100 per month for Dream Scholars)